Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Two weeks left

  Since the last update I've been getting tons of e-mail from the official Uganda boss guy; questionnaires, packing lists, itineraries and all that jazz. Also have been buying tons of dress clothes to look like a professional. A professional dude.

I also had someone cut my hair for the "short and clean" look instead of  looking shaggy. So within 20 minutes I went from John Lennon's Jesus hair to Charlie Sheen. Everyone says the hair-due makes me look younger...... like sixteen. I can just envision myself saying some corny jokes and trying to get students to listen to the foreigner kid who looks like a hamster. I don't know about you but I have a good feeling about this. 

 Oh, and birthday dinner with the parents was fantastic

 I also added my temporary mailing address for the first two months in Uganda. However it may take a couple months to reach me and another couple months for the reply.

Thomas Hornyak, Peace Corps Trainee
P.O. Box 29348
Kampala, Uganda

 Peace out


Ash said...

Yo Tom!!! Post asap!! :) I want to make sure you're there, safe and happy!! Miss you!

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