Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Two weeks left

  Since the last update I've been getting tons of e-mail from the official Uganda boss guy; questionnaires, packing lists, itineraries and all that jazz. Also have been buying tons of dress clothes to look like a professional. A professional dude.

I also had someone cut my hair for the "short and clean" look instead of  looking shaggy. So within 20 minutes I went from John Lennon's Jesus hair to Charlie Sheen. Everyone says the hair-due makes me look younger...... like sixteen. I can just envision myself saying some corny jokes and trying to get students to listen to the foreigner kid who looks like a hamster. I don't know about you but I have a good feeling about this. 

 Oh, and birthday dinner with the parents was fantastic

 I also added my temporary mailing address for the first two months in Uganda. However it may take a couple months to reach me and another couple months for the reply.

Thomas Hornyak, Peace Corps Trainee
P.O. Box 29348
Kampala, Uganda

 Peace out

Monday, December 27, 2010

Grand posting

Hello internet,

 This is it, the blog that everyone told me to create while I'm living in Africa. Pretty snazzy huh? I'll update this site with the various episodes I will encounter in the Peace Corps, my reactions and thoughts about being a foreigner and most importantly.....tons of pictures! So Grandma and Grandpa, you better spread this website to the rest of the family because things are going to get wild. Judging by the other volunteers in Uganda I might be able to update this blog only a few times a month (internet access may be limited along with flushing toilets)

  Here is the scoop: I've been accepted into Peace Corps and I will leave for Uganda in early February. Just when I thought I had enough of  Purdue and engineering classes I get thrown back into the grindstone. My assignment turned out to be secondary school math/science teacher and teacher trainer. Haha, jokes on me but thats cool, I get to learn how to teach. Duration of my stay will be a little over 2 years.That is basically all I know of my job, maybe Peace Corps will tell me more, maybe....

 What am I doing now? Nothing of course! :D Africa is a long time away so I've got to do my best to enjoy the present moment. I also enjoy terrorizing my mother with stories about visiting local witchdoctors :D All the planning and packing can wait until the last minute when everything hits the fan. Hey, I might not know what im doing but I have the feeling im perfectly qualified for the job so no worries everyone. I mean whats the worst that can happen?